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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Road To Mecca

( A Bedouin guides people in the in the Sahara Desert, the photo is taken by trevorappleton)

A Road to Mecca The Journey of Muhammad Assad: is a good documentary about Leopold Weiss or Muhammad Assad , an Austrian Jewish man converted to Islam and become from the greatest figures in the modern Islamic  history.

For more information : visit this site

Watch the Documentary Online:
(Run Time: 1:32 Hour) 


Mohamad Fathi said...


aminasjj said...

i think that today it is hard to find a documentary made so honestly and objectively.
in most documentaries that i have seen, the author tries to pull the viewer to the side that s/he considers to be right. in my opinion, that is the biggest trap for a documentary filmmaker, but these young artists have managed to avoid that, and seem to have given us a view of asad that is completely raw and uninfluenced by their subjective opinions.
i really like this film and i highly recommend it to everyone, especially the ones looking to be inspired. :)

Unknown said...

i dont know about this man infeact i did't heard his name from any body from last 25 years may God bless him and God give us courage to follow his path because in my view he is a good example from GOd just imagine where he was born where he spent his life and where he was burred.we pakistani are where selfish nation we reacently forgent our leaders wo want some thing good for us .i will try to remmember him rest of my life insallah
Abdul Qadir Soomro

Sulaiman said...

Wonderfully put together film. Inspiring story.

asfeasg said...

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