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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Islamic Inventions & Contributions

(An old Islamic instrument in the British museum, the photo is taken by Lucia H)

Islamic Inventions & Contributions is the first Episode of a British television series " What The Ancients Did For Us" that explores the social and scientific advances of ancient civilizations. Hosted by Adam Hart-Davis and produced by the Open University.
This Episode explores some of many contributions to science done by Muslims scholars.

Watch the Documentary Online:
(Run Time: 57 min)


arun said...

very nice and informative one

arun said...

very nice and informative one

AJSON said...

Sorry this video is not available. Please could you help me access it

bassam said...

OMG, as a muslim we don't even know what we did or have. i'm learning about this for the first time at age 24. this should've been in our curriculum in school...instead of reading about other civilization, maybe we should master ours first

gumuruhsspj said...

Can I know where is the link
for this Google Video?

Bcoz I wanna download it via Web Downloader... instead of watching 'em online... :(

Aftab said...

Assalam U Alaikum,
Incase anyone would like to watch r=the video online, the link to this video is:

shani haider said...

Online rohani hal

Pray all world said...


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